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Enrolling in Premier High School and participating in our P-TECH programs is an excellent way for students to jumpstart their careers. By offering a unique opportunity to students, P-TECH enables them to obtain the knowledge, skills, and practical experiences necessary to succeed in the modern workforce. By combining traditional classroom learning with real-world work experience and job-specific training, students have a leg up on their peers who have not been given such opportunities. With an ever-growing demand for highly skilled professionals, P-TECH can provide students with the right skills and connections to be able to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation.

At Premier High School, we understand the importance of providing our students with an early career pathway, and P-TECH is the perfect program to make this happen.

Watch Tyeis' story below to hear how our P-Tech program could benefit you.

  • Certificate Course Plan
  • Degree Plan
  • Master Schedule 2023-2024
  • Program Summary of Pathways in Technology
  • Testing Schedule Fall 2023
  • Testing Schedule Spring 2024
  • Work-based Experiences 2023-24
  • Regional High Demand Occupation List
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